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ROCTE Offers a variety of career resources and interest inventories for your student's benefit. To request materials, please complete the Request for Materials form below and submit online.

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Online Resources

Career Cruising

A great on-line career assessment system with portfolio capabilities. Must have log-in information specific to your school.

ISBE Career Guide

The online version of the printed brochure put out by ISBE. 

COPS Interest Inventory



Inventory to assist students in determining their interests for career planning.

ICP (Individualized Career Plan) Folders

  Folders to assist students and staff in coordinating school experiences with career development.

Steps to Success

  Compiled by Mary Jo Wood, ROCTE Director: Guide to show students a step-by-step approach to the job-seeking and job-keeping process.

Pocket Resume

   Wallet-size form for students to fill in resume-type information.  Very handy to keep with them at all times for filling out job applications, scholarship applications, and more!  Created by Mary Jo Wood, ROCTE Director.

The Career Game, The Career Game Explorer, and Red Hot Jobs (a companion to the Career Game)

Available Through IDES

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Information about wages (entry and experienced), outlook by occupation, education required, and more.

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