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Member Districts

Listed below are each of the school districts belonging to our Region, including links to each school's website if one is available.  The representative on the Board of Control from each district is listed in italics.  In addition, links to each school's approved CTE courses are available.

A-C Central CUSD #262
Mr. Timothy Page, Supt.

Athens CUSD #213
Dr. Scott Laird

Auburn CUSD #10
Mr. Darren Root, Supt.
ROCTE Board Chair

Ball-Chatham CUSD #5
Dr. Douglas Wood, Supt.

Edinburg CUSD #4
Mr. Fred Lamkey, Supt.

New Berlin CUSD #16
Dr. Adam Ehrman, Supt.

North Mac CUSD #34
Dr. Jay Goble, Supt.

Pawnee CUSD #11
Mr. Gary Alexander, Supt.

Pleasant Plains CUSD #8
Mr. Matthew Runge, Supt.

Riverton CUSD #14
Mr. Brad Polanin, Supt.

Tri-City CUSD #1
Ms. Jill Larson, Supt.

Waverly CUSD #6
Mr. Dustin Day, Supt.

South Fork CUSD #14
Mr. Ron Graham, Supt.
Approved CTE Programs

Rochester CUSD #3A
Dr. Lance Thurman, Supt.

Capital Area Career Center
Ms. Jodi Ferriel, Director
  • Several area high school send students to CACC for concentrated half-day programs in a variety of career and technical education programs.  Over 800 students are served each day at CACC.

  • Capital Area School for Practical Nursing (for adult students) is also housed here

Springfield CUSD #186
Ms. Jennifer Gill, Supt.

Taylorville CUSD #3
Dr. Greggory Fuerstenau, Supt.
Approved CTE Programs

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